2016 Recipients

This year we selected 2 recipients to receive free dentures from The Chris Pine Foundation. 

Peter (west Auckland)

Peter applied to The Chris Pine Foundation upon the recommendation from his case worker at Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ).

In his application Peter said he was currently unemployed but actively seeking full-time employment. He said “I believe having dentures will assist me because people judge my appearance” referring to his current edentulous situation. Peter required top and bottom dentures.

Upon meeting Peter, he was very shy and overwhelmed at the enormity of receiving new dentures for free. As time went on, he became more relaxed and at home with Chris and DentureTech Hobsonville’s practice manager Shelley.

The day finally came where Peter would walk out the door with a new smile.

“ This whole process has been fantastic. From my greeting to the follow up it has been seamless. Everyone here has been so focused on helping me. It has been amazing. I have gotten so used to having no teeth, so I never thought much about how I look. I can’t wait to smile and eat properly. The feeling is priceless. I would like to thank all the sponsors of The Chris Pine Foundation very much. You all make a fine product. This is a real gift and I am very grateful” Peter.



 Peter - BEFORE

Peter - BEFORE

 Peter - AFTER

Peter - AFTER

Simon (north shore) 

Simon successfully beat cancer in 2013 however due to the numerous rounds of chemotherapy he endured his upper teeth deteriorated beyond repair. They were removed in 2014 and since then Simon has not been able to afford to have a full top denture made.

 Simon - BEFORE

Simon - BEFORE

In his application Simon spoke about the implications having no teeth had on his life. From struggling to eat any solid food through to a rapid decline in his self confidence resulting in him being rarely seen in public.

Simon is a very dedicated father to his children and put their financial needs before his own – meaning any money he had saved to go towards new dentures would spent on his kids instead of himself.

“All I want is to be able to smile again, that is smile at my kids, my wife but most importantly smile at myself”. 

At The Chris Pine Foundation we were touched by Simon’s application and enjoyed watching him grow and come more out of his shell at each appointment. 

Simon summarizes his experience with The Chris Pine Foundation below; 

 Simon - AFTER 

Simon - AFTER 

“I was chosen by the Chris Pine foundation to receive dentures gratuitously which I otherwise would not have been able to afford, and the feeling of being able to have a necessity provided for me by those who genuinely care is second to none. Chris greeted me like a friend, and related to me on a personal level. His professionalism, efficiency and attention to detail was emphasised throughout the experience by the way that he approached his work, and he took care to explain thoroughly every step of the process and answer any questions I had. The end result exceeded all my expectations. My friends and family were in awe after I smiled for the first time with my new dentures, to the point where they thought I had grown a new, natural set of teeth overnight. I am no longer afraid to lose myself in laughter, because I need not worry about what people will think of me. To everyone involved with the Chris Pine Foundation and my experience, I would just like to express my sincerest thanks. You have not only restored my smile, but my confidence and outlook on life as well.”

Thank you! 

Once again, we wish to thank our sponsors and partners who supported us in 2016. 

Without your materials, time, expertise and assiatance we would not have been able to help Peter and Simon into their new dentures.