All Aucklanders should be able to have dentures - it is my pleasure and honour to help as many people I can through The Chris Pine Foundation to have trust and confidence in themselves and their dentures.
— Chris Pine

Chris started his professional denture career in the early 1980's, working for his brother Keith Pine as an apprentice in Takapuna. Through this role, Chris learnt the in's and out's of the profession and developed a true passion for crafting dentures that can restore trust and confidence in themselves and their dentures. 

Soon, Chris' drive for success saw him branching out from his brothers business to create his own - Chris Pine Dental Laboratory. Through determination and extremely hard work, Chris and his wife Vicki grew this business and soon became one of the top denture providers in Auckland. 

A law change in 2001 meant that Chris had to go back to University to further his education in order for him to continue doing what he loved. He graduated with an Advanced Certificate in Dental Technology from the Central Institute of Technology New Zealand and is one of few Clinical Dental Technicians with the 'Advanced' title. 

2003 saw a name change, and Chris Pine Dental Laboratory became DentureTech Limited. 

Chris' passion, knowledge and respect in the industry led him to becoming a qualified lecturer through the global dental supply company - Ivoclar Vivadent. Chris has lectured all over the world and regularly holds training's at the DentureTech head office in Albany for local denture professionals to further their education. 

When asked why he created The Chris Pine Foundation he recalled a story of a patient he saw. "I remember this one patient who came to see me at my clinic in New Market. She had recently had all her teeth out at Greenlane Hospital but couldn't afford dentures as she did not have a job. She went from job interview to job interview - but no luck. She said she felt that because she didn't have any teeth that potential employers didn't like the way she looked therefore 'dismissed' her before they even had the opportunity to get to know her. Through assistance from Work and Income New Zealand she was able to afford 1/2 of what a new dentures cost, the other half she paid off during the making of her dentures. Every week she came to me for her appointment, I saw her confidence in herself grow. The day came where the dentures were finished and she was over the moon with happiness " I finally look normal" she said. 2 weeks later, she came back to see me for a check up. I could tell by the way she bounced into my clinic that things were going well. She had finally got a job - she was a barista at the local coffee shop. It was in that moment I realised that I was able to help this lady change her life. She was proud of herself, her image and her future. All because she now had teeth. This got me thinking, what if I could help other people in the same situation as her? And, The Chris Pine Foundation was born. I want to be able to help other people, like this patient of mine change their lives. I am honoured and incredibly proud to have established this foundation and I look forward to helping many people." Chris Pine. 

Away from work, Chris is an avid skier and fitness fanatic. Chris is a family man through and through and makes time to spend with his wife, Vicki, two children Monique and Dylan and grandchildren Max and Alex.